Our Work

Ranging from Jasmine to Samanthi, Arali to Rose, Moggu jade to sacred leaves like Dhruva, Tulasi or Bilva, Mandap decors and Andal Malai, you name it and you'll find it all on Mallipoo.com. With our services, you can be rest assured of conducting your special and sacred occasions amidst the fragrance of traditional flowers. More than just traditional florist, we harness the potential to revive and nurture the traditional values of South Indian homes, by providing the right kind of flowers for the right occasion in a timely manner.

How many of us in today's generation actually know to string flowers? At Mallipoo.com we have in-house experts in the art of stringing flowers together. We believe the art of stringing flowers does not only personify the flowers but also spiritually elevates the person stringing it by increasing the attention span and more importantly one learns patience.

We also do flower garlands to suit your needs for any puja rituals or wedding occasions. Malai or flower garlands are an indispensable part of especially south Indian weddings. We have in-house experts who can make traditional garlands with a combination of flowers of your choice.

Andal Malai is also our speciality. Periyazhwar started offering the malai worn by Andal to Lord Vatapatrasayi Perumaal. Even today it is the practice in Srivilliputtur that the malai is first offered to Andal and the malai worn by Andal is taken to the Vatapatrasayi Sannidhi and then offered to Vtapatrasayi.

We are pleased to provide our customers with Andal Malai prepared by our in-house garland experts with fresh flowers.